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Three Things a Poor-Quality Property Condition Assessment or Environmental Site Assessment Won’t Tell You

Savvy commercial real-estate investors understand that when it comes time to add a new property to the portfolio, a high-quality inspection is an extremely prudent and cost-effective safeguard.

Mold: What Property Owners Need to Know

You’ve probably heard the horror stories: mold growing rampant in a commercial building, hotel, hospital, or home; making people sick; and requiring extensive—and expensive—remediation.

Commercial Property Inspections: Buyer Beware

Troublesome practice of residential home inspectors vying for commercial property inspection work.

Lender beware: Are you foreclosing on a liability nightmare?

Consider the risks, perform due diligence before choosing to seize—or else.

A Solid Foundation

Planning for and preserving building integrity

Do You Need a Construction Expert Witness?

What do they do?

Environmental Pollution

Could Your Business Be Liable?

Every (Working) Breath You Take

The risks of office air pollution

It’s What’s Inside That Counts:

An introduction to indoor air quality

Property Condition Assessment:

Understanding essentials

Tips for Inspecting and Maintaining a Commercial Property

The basics

Ups & Downs

Checking for elevator safety