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Mr. Aiken has 35 years of management and technical experience with the assessment and remediation of environmentally impaired properties and with the management and operations of environmental service and remediation businesses. Mr. Aiken’s expertise includes integration of environmental cleanup with redevelopment; environmental investigation and selection of remedial technologies to best address site conditions; remedial cost estimation; and, modeling of liabilities/costs to obtain environmental insurance and negotiate environmental liability transfer programs. Mr. Aiken also has substantial experience with the management of complex environmental cleanup programs, including regulatory negotiations to achieve environmental closure related to asbestos in buildings and soils, petroleum contamination, soil and groundwater impacted by chlorinated solvents, indoor air issues, and other environmental concerns. He has served as the general manager of an environmental technology division and started a successful brownfields remediation and redevelopment business unit for a major environmental consulting company. He also managed the operations of a real estate investment company that acquired environmentally-impaired real estate, providing remediation of environmental concerns and redevelopment and repositioning services for the properties.

Mr. Aiken has been involved with numerous projects at oil refineries and petroleum storage facilities, rail maintenance facilities, mines and mineral processing facilities, manufacturing plants, and shopping centers, as well as smaller projects associated with dry cleaning properties and gasoline fueling stations. He has extensive experience with brownfield properties and other environmentally-impaired real estate. He has been involved in developing cost estimates for environmental liabilities as well as implementing remediation plans for numerous clients and has addressed environmental impacts associated with soils, waste lagoons, historic landfills, asbestos, and groundwater releases. He has managed project teams and subcontractors, managed large remedial programs (in excess of $30 MM), and he has extensive experience with RCRA, CERCLA, UST, and Voluntary Cleanup Programs (VCP). He also has received a patent for the development of an innovative remediation technology for the treatment of chlorinated solvents in soils and groundwater.

Mr. Aiken recently was a member of the CDPHE committee that developed the Colorado Brownfields Tax Credit program, managed the preparation of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for 37 gasoline service stations/convenience stores as part of a bank refinancing project, and managed the implementation of Phase II Environmental Assessments at a number of properties as part of the property transfer process. Mr. Aiken is currently working on: a Colorado VCP cleanup project at a former manufacturing plant in Fort Collins where he assisted in developing the scope and cost to address residual environmental impacts to help with the easy transfer of the property to a new owner despite the environmental concerns; a VCP cleanup project at a former research and development site that is impacted by radionuclides and chlorinated solvents; and, with the testing of indoor air in a residential structure for possible impacts due to a nearby gasoline release.