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When it comes to environmental compliance, National Inspection Services doesn’t just inspect. We offer full-service environmental contracting. We provide a wide range of environmental due diligence, inspection, testing, monitoring, and mitigation services. Our personnel are fully trained in records management research associated with property transfer assessments, and all technicians and laboratory procedures are fully accredited.


It’s essential to minimize the risks and liabilities of commercial property transactions and ownership. We help our clients meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and requirements, especially the “All Appropriate Inquiry” rule. The information uncovered by our site assessments helps buyers, sellers, owners, lenders, and operates assess risk, contain liability, and make informed decisions.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

A comprehensive check of federal and state regulatory records; county, fire department, health department, and city records; and site surveys and interviews, a Phase I assessment determines if there is reason to believe a property has been exposed to hazardous waste or other environmental contaminants. When necessary, a Phase I audit and report also directs specific chemical soil analyses, eliminating the need for expensive random soil testing.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

When a Phase I assessment uncovers potential hazards, a Phase II audit determines the scope of these problems and recommends remedial action. Phase II testing may include soil borings and analyses, chemical contaminant measurements (such as asbestos, radon, and formaldehyde), and groundwater well monitoring.

Phase III Environmental Site Assessments

Phase III assessments involve additional detailed site evaluation for proper design and implementation of remedial action. Once site characterization reports have been completed and submitted to regulatory agencies for approval, the site may require clean-up and hazardous materials and/or tank removal and disposal.

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Commercial building hazards such as asbestos and lead require specialized assessment and abatement. National Inspection Services helps you protect the health of employees, tenants, and visitors through environmental consulting and comprehensive environmental hygiene services.

  • Asbestos inspections, surveys, management plans, and abatement oversight
  • Lead paint inspections, surveys, management plans, and abatement oversight
  • Mold inspections, surveys, mitigation plans, and abatement oversight
  • MRadon inspections, surveys, mitigation plans, and abatement oversight
  • Air quality sampling and monitoring
  • Water quality sampling and monitoring
  • Soil sampling and remediation
  • Assistance with regulatory agencies and permitting


When site hazards must be remediated for regulatory compliance and safety, National Inspection Services provides turnkey solutions to expertly handle your remediation needs. We plan, manage, and execute remediation, including:

  • Soil and groundwater clean-up
  • Buried and above-ground tank removal
  • Gas station and dry-cleaning facility decommissioning
  • Industrial solvents, chemical contamination, and waste product characterization and disposal

From site characterization and remediation design to execution, sampling and reporting, and regulatory closure, we are available to handle all your environmental remediation needs.

“National Inspection Services is able to find out how to make deals work, how to solve problems and minimize the exposure and cost. They’re the best I know in the market.”

Dan Eckles, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Colorado

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