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Property Condition Assessments

Understanding essentials If you own, buy and sell commercial real estate, it’s important that you understand and follow the baseline property condition assessment process. A thorough PCA, conducted by a qualified field observer, will provide you with the information you need to make fiscally sound decisions about the condition, deferred maintenance items and costs of properties that you own or may be interested in purchasing. A PCA, as defined in ASTM standard E 2008-01, consists of the following steps: Documentation review and interviews; Walk-through survey; [...]

Checklist for Inspecting and Maintaining a Commercial Property

The basics Here are the essential elements of a commercial building and the key items to inspect when evaluating the physical condition of any substantial structure. Remember that further investigation is always warranted when unfamiliar or unexplainable circumstances raise an element of concern. The following itemization is by no means intended to be exhaustive, however, a clean bill of health would be hard to come by without satisfactory examination of the majority of these components. Roof Are walkboards in place? Is there evidence of remodeling; [...]