Mr. D’Antonio has more than 5 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry specializing in environmental due diligence and project management. Mr. D’Antonio has completed more than 200 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout the Western and Mid- Atlantic United States. He has managed Phase I ESAs for developers, lenders, local governments and wireless telecommunications companies. Specifically, Mr. D’Antonio has completed more than 100 Phase I ESAs at existing and proposed cellular telecommunication towers and building roof top sites. He has identified existing and former underground storage tanks (USTs), dry-cleaners, hazardous materials releases and storage, historic mining operations and other hazardous and petroleum-type substances as recognized environmental conditions (RECs) at properties. Mr. D’Antonio strives at leading Clients towards cost effective investigations in order to identify contaminants and potential health hazards at these properties.

Mr. D’Antonio works closely with general contractors, electricians and property owners to develop effective sampling methods prior to installation of interior electrical and telecommunication cable routing and exterior antenna installation. He has performed additional inspections at residences, churches, hospitals, schools, and a variety of commercial buildings.

Mr. D’Antonio also assisted in wetlands delineations and jurisdictional wetlands determinations in Virginia. He has worked on construction oversight and monitoring projects and assisted in the identification and removal of contaminated soils during site excavation. He has acted as oversight for groundwater treatment and remediation systems, including groundwater injection and active remediation systems.

Mr. D’Antonio has managed dozens of Phase II sub-surface soil, groundwater and air quality investigations. He well versed in groundwater monitoring well installations and a associated soil and groundwater sampling. He has used ambient air, sub-slab vapor and soil gas sampling methods to assess the potential environmental health hazards to building inhabitants from leaking underground storage tanks and former dry cleaning facilities.

Mr. D’Antonio has prepared initial abatement reports for emergency responses and issued work plans and budgets to investigate the sub- surface impact and migration of these releases. He has managed several underground storage tank removals at a variety of sites in northern Virginia and Washington DC and prepared additional scopes of work to identify and mitigate potential health threats.

In addition, he has performed more than 100 inspections for asbestos containing building materials (ACBMs) and lead-based paints (LBPs) for site-specific and demolition projects.

Founded in 1975, National Inspection Services is known for providing thorough, accurate and well-documented building inspections. We are also known for our ability to confidentially and professionally handle every facet of property assessment. Clients who take advantage of the breadth of our knowledge are pleased they can count on a single source for all their building inspection needs.
Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, we provide services across North America via a network of satellite offices. Unlike many inspection companies, National Inspection Services is not a licensee or part of a franchise. Nor are we a building contractor or purveyor of building materials or environmental clean-up services–activities that would certainly constitute a conflict of interest.
We are an independent and scrupulously objective building and land inspection service.